The Elephant Tree specialies in therapeutic wheatbags for the whole family.

These wheaties are excellent for hot/cold compressions on tired aching muscles and sprains, excellent for period pain and can even be used as weight resistance to help build up muscles.

The Elephant Tree wheatbags are available in both lavender and natural. We use 100% NZ grown wheat and real lavender flowers. The benefits of using lavender is for the widely experienced calming, relaxing and soothing aroma this amazing plant provides.Our wheatbags are made with 100% cotton and come in a wide varity of patterns. 

Every wheatbag comes with instructions on safe use but please read the information provided in About Wheatbags for full details.

Please be aware that we manufacture to order so as to offer as many options for personalising your purchase as possible. Sometimes this may mean a slight delay in shipping. We aim to have all orders shipped within 48 hours. If, for any reason, this is not possible we will contact you.  

  • Standard 3-Section Wheatbag
    This is The Elephant Tree's most popular and versatile wheatbag.
  • Jumbo 6-Section
    The Jumbo is twice the size of the Standard wheatbag! If you suffer from back or shoulder pain, this is the bag for you!


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