Q. What is a Wheat Bag?
A. Our 'Heat-Me' Wheat Bags are a 100% cotton fabric bag filled with chemical-free whole grain NZ wheat.  While these can be used either hot (heated in a microwave) or cold (stored in the freezer) we recommend the use of our 'Freeze-Me' Wheat Bag as a cold pack.  Our Wheat Bags not only provide a natural alternative for treating and managing aches and pains but are also a great comfort on a cold winter's night! 

Q. What do you use a Wheat Bag for?

A. Wheat Bags are used for heat therapy to provide healing and relief to painful muscles and joints. They will help relax muscle tension and can often relieve the pain from various causes; from arthritis to period pain. Wheat Bags also provide a great alternative to the traditional hot water bottle. They are most suitable for children but heating must be supervised to ensure the bag is not over-heated. Children under 3 years should not be left alone with a hot Wheat Bag.  

Q. How do you use a Wheat Bag?
A. The Wheat Bag is heated in the microwave for a short time depending on the size of the Bag. Each Wheat Bag comes with full instructions on how it can be heated and used safely. Once heated, the Wheat Bag is simply placed on the affected area. Extreme caution must be exercised when applying the Bag to bare skin to avoid burning. 

Q. How do you use a Wheat Bag as a Cold Pack?
A. Simply place the Wheat Bag in a plastic bag and keep it in the freezer until required.  Because it will take several hours before it is cold enough, we recommend keeping one of our specifically designed 'Freeze-Me' Cold Packs in the freezer for these occasions. These cold packs will not freeze solid and are perfect for first aid treatment of bruises and sprains and are especially calming and soothing for an injured child.  

Q. Is the Wheat Treated?
A. The wheat used in our Wheat Bags is chemical free. It has been specially cleaned and processed to ensure you receive the best quality product possible.

Q. Can a Wheat Bag be heated longer to make it hotter?
A. Yes, it can be heated for a little longer if necessary.  The heating times provided are a guideline only as microwaves vary in power.  Try increasing the time in 15 second increments until the Wheat Bag is hot enough. Do not heat for longer than 1½ times the recommended heating time given on the instructions.  Heating for longer than this may make the Wheat Bag too hot and a potential hazard.  As with any heating device, you must use your Wheat Bag with caution.

Q. Why would a Wheat Bag smell?
A. If any burning smell is detected coming from your Wheat Bag, it should be disposed of immediately.  If the Bag has just been heated, remove it from the microwave carefully and place it in a non-combustible container. Once completely cooled and there is no further risk of combustion, dispose of the Bag.  With continual use, the wheat may dry out and start to give off a cooked/burnt bread smell.  This is a sign that the wheat is beginning to degrade and that it is time to replace your Wheat Bag. In extreme cases, if the Wheat Bag is continually over-heated, a fire may result. Fortunately, these events are very rare, but always exercise caution.

Q. What is the best way to store a Wheat Bag?
A. Because wheat is an attractive food source for rodents and some insects, the safest place to keep a Wheat Bag when not in use is in an airtight container or bag. 


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