Luxury Eye Pillows

Relax, reduce stress and relieve tired eyes with these luxurious lavender-scented eye pillows. The Elephant Tree eye pillows are filled with organic flaxseed and lavender grown in New Zealand. Lavender eye pillows are also great for aromatherapy, yoga and may also provide relief from headaches. The lavender aroma has a calming effect, while the weight of the flaxseed applies gentle pressure and blocks the light. The eye pillow can be warmed in a microwave for a few seconds or chilled in the fridge or freezer to enhance comfort or benefits.

The Elephant Tree luxury eye pillows are made from 100% cotton fabric filled with organic flax seed and dried lavender flowers and are supplied with a removable cover in the fabric of your choice. The eye pillow measures approximately 23 cm x 8 cm. Please note that our products are handmade and therefore there may be some small variations in size.

  • Eye Pillow
    Luxury eye pillow with a removable cover in the fabric of your choice. Perfect for soothing tired eyes or relieving headaches or stress. May be chilled or warmed as required. Contains flax seed and lavender.
    NZ$ 18.00


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